Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the. yard. is. done.

say it ain't so?! what will brandon do with his saturdays? perhaps play with the fam?
after about a year of sketching, digging, bricking, planting, Spanish speaking, watering, unplanting, nailing, obsessing, degreening, insecting repelling and Gatorading- he's finished. it's gorgeous, i'm relieved and soooo happy to have our weekend dad back. way to go lew.

"am i allowed to actually go potty on this fake stuff?"

dave's banana trees. they must be hearing his prayers from Vermont because they are growing despite the harsh conditions.

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Carl said...

What did Dave say when he saw the banana plants?.... Oh come on like you haven't told him through a text to check them out. You guys have all kinds of "special" permission to do things like that. I am so freakin' jealous I can't contain myself sometimes.