Wednesday, June 25, 2008

wanna feel ultra lame?

invite your way too cool cousins, in their girls' jeans, over-

-take an atrocious picture with their gorgeous and brilliant wives-

-and then sit on the couch and listen to them talk about their trips to Morocco, Spain and Southeast Asia. "well this morning, elmo was all about bugs"

. sweet.


Steve and Shell said...

oh my goodnes. did i really look like that in those pants? delete that picture immediately if not sooner!

we had so much fun with you two. and im still scared and fascinated with that worm detox.

Steve and Shell said...

not only do i look prego but my face and arms are ba-ba-burnt! i dont think i can add you to my blog. i cant have anyone seeing this. (you think im kiddin.)

The Donald said...

Nothing like being a parent, and being around people that don't have kids yet huh?

The Keslers_ said...

Heather, i've seriously been having nightmares about passing 12 foot worms!

Momma K & Big J said...

Oh my goodness, you made me laugh! I found you from Libbie's blog. How are you anyway?! I love you and your sister too. :) Can you believe we live by each other?! How fun is that? I went to her house just today, my kids love it there and I was so tired that I'm sure I wasn't good company at all, but bless her soul for having us over again. Love you! ~Kimra

Carla said...

What no picture of aunt Carla, The one who gave birth to those awsome cousins of yours. Enjoyed my visit with you very much. We must get together more. Lisa says she sees Brandon in Paradise Bakery every now and again could this be true?
Brooks is amazing.
Aunt carla