Tuesday, December 2, 2008

gobble, gobble, wobble!

this year, in an attempt to keep our heads above water in this year's financial toilet flush, we decided against the demands of our homesick hearts to stay in arizona for thanksgiving and save some cash for christmas travels.

what a crappy idea.

to me, these end year holidays are all about family. i miss my mom and dad very much. brandon and i totally turn into helpless, halfbrained, childlike zombies whenever we're in our parents' homes. we looove to be cooked for and cleaned up after and if they'd offer, i'd still let them wipe me. and with all of the stress we've piled on with these two babies, too much work and the woes of becoming grown ups, we really could've used the love/pampering. just 4 more weeks and the real fun can begin!

now that the sob session has calmed, here's the number one thing i've been grateful for this year: my neighborhood family. if i can't be with my blood, i'm glad to be surrounded by these people. unlike most of the world, i know my neighbors. i know ALL of my neighbors. there are 40 homes in our community and at some point everyday, i'm hanging out with someone from the hood. i wouldn't have survived this year without the amazing babysitters, recipe club parties, sunday evening bbq's, emergency shop-vac assistance, 3 week post partum meals, impromptu playdates within walking distance, and long winded venting at the mailbox. good thing none of our homes will ever sell in this economy- couldn't handle the social life changes.

neighbor dean hosted the turkey dinner because he's the best cook. just ask him. seriously, he's italian and he knows his skills are inherited. holy crap. i'm getting fat just thinking about his food.

south side of the table

north side

jonelle missing her family too. thanks skype!

when brooks grows up i'm pretty sure he wants to become a tweenage girl. they're his besties these days

suprise baby shower for jonelle with the neighbors.

and let's not forget the best part of thanksgiving weekend... putting up my girlfriend, the tree. hello pretty- it's been nearly a year since i've seen you. sorry about all the extra fat. i just had a baby.


Laurel MacD said...

I love your tree - what is on the top of it, it's awesome! We missed you. a. lot.

Broadobalds said...

The tree is amazing. Can we swap neighbors? I'll even throw in the lesbian couple on the corner. And raise you a evangelical family of 10 whom we've never seen--only heard about.