Friday, December 12, 2008

-i love my baby #1

i'm keen on going through the camera after brooks has walked around the house with it. today it was a little bit different. in an extra good sorta way. he took a lot of pictures of me during today's photo session, which gave me a bit of a peek into his 2 year old head.
here i am, once again, nursing the baby. making dumb faces. saying cheese. encouraging his independence. and-
here he is, waiting for a turn on mom's lap. laughing at mom's faces. making mom smile. and showing mom he can push the button all by himself.

in my own head, i'm the sandwich maker, the laundry doer, the bum wiper, the bath giver, the happy meal buyer, the book reader, the tantrum soother, the spit up cleaner, the in bed put backer and the ouchy kisser.

in his head i'm mom. works for me. Y

saying cheese for pictures doesn't actually make you smile. when you're 2, it makes you look like you're saying cheese

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Wagars said...

Digital cameras are the best invention ever for kids. I let Tayson take pictures too. He will take about 50 and think he is so great at it. Then, when he's done I just delete them. We look like the greatest moms ever, they learn they can do something on their own and it doesn't cost a dime!