Tuesday, November 11, 2008

-big boy, cute buys and baby

big boy-
alas- he's transferred to the big boy bedroom making room for his baby brother in the nursery. someone and i feared this would be a fairly tramatic transition for the family. maybe because someone had such a hard time moving this first baby out of our room and into the crib and that same someone laid on the floor next to the crib the first night because he wanted to make sure his baby was breathing. like our room was the only one with an ample amount of baby breathing oxygen. what an ordeal that was. thankfully, brooks loves the new room. we all love the new room and actually spend most of our together time in there. with all the cars, books and new carpet to flick boogers into, wouldn't you?

look what big boy beds have started doing to his hair.

cute buys-
rarely do i actually buy things online and rarely do i share my finds with others however, rarely-est do i find thanksgiving decor without a cornicopia or turkey wearing a pilgrim hat on it. my sis (http://themacdougallfamily.blogspot.com/) just opened her etsy shop and would love to provide you with a pair of these beauty's. check out her children ignoring talents. :) (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5447591)


just when you think you've loved something enough, they start to laugh. at you. while you're dancing for their older brother. in the kitchen. to rhianna. making life completely perfect.


Lucrecia said...

I loooove Brook's room! So cute! I especially love the framed pictures. What are they, sock monkey's? I would hang out in there all the time too (minus the boogers:)

Laurel MacD said...

Thanks for the shout-out. They look great, glad you like them.