Monday, November 17, 2008

-Taco O'clocko

it's that time again.........BIRTHDAY NOVEMBER! although my birthday's on the 17th, i choose to take the entire month to celebrate every year.
and why the chap not?
i'm never going to be one of those "who cares about my birthday now that i'm an adult" or "i hate getting older" or "you'll never know my age" or "a lady never talks about her privates" types of people. so, this weekend, we kicked off the celebration with a group of friends on a trip to mexico. i honestly couldn't ask for anything better, so i guess i'll suffer through the rest of the festivities. wink

finally. we're all happy at the same time. that only took 3 months.

click to enlarge

mrs. tellya. she always yums my yuck.

my sand cake. when older ladies do the splits it always looks creepy/impressive.

little gator-ade

brooks discovered the joys of football on the beach, sleeping in and staying up late and the amazingness of marinating your string cheese in soda before eating it. seriously, could coating your 2 year old from head to toe in doritos cheese warrant a call to cps?

a trip into town for some scary broadbent style eats.

thera and brian. you know you're having a good time when you never know the time. brian asked me about 10 times a day. hence the phrase taco o'clocko. btw-this girl tivos 22 shows a week. i think she's better than me now.

jordan and reina. the unmarried couple. wanna know what jenna taught me making out sounds like? stirring macaroni. these two could've fed africa with all the macaroni they stirred. kinda makes you wanna punch yourself in the face but at least they gave us plenty of reasons to make jokes about umbro shorts and "laying hard".

schnozzberries. cory and jenna. he's the angry tennis playing wife tamer and she can light a cig with her vag. the most adventurous eaters on the planet and the first couple to die when the world runs out of caffeine.

brooks and calvin. fast friends. calvin's excited to chase after a toddler all weekend. brooks was excited to finally have a classy friend in a cardigan.

wish you were here. seriously.


Carolyn said...

i love how the last magical sunset picture even captured a little silhouetted nip = our proof that you really DID have fun.

Happpppy Birthday!

A and C said...

That looks so fun. Wish we lived closer to the sunshine.

Cory, Jenna and Calvin Broadbent said...

Well done my friend. Well done.

Wagars said...

I love you but I hate you.

Sorry for calling you fat on your birthday :( The pictures don't show it.

Miss you. Wish I had been there.

Laurel MacD said...

Happy Birthday

brian and thera tolman said...

So much fun! I already miss my little buddy Brooks. Thanks for posting one of me where I look like a glass-eyed serial killer :)

McCain Family said...

I love it. Happy birthday, silly mama. I love the pictures. It really does look fun.

Kat said...

*sigh* I really wish we had gone with you guys! Thanks for posting all the pics.. it was good to see everyone- esp Jordan getting action

Tiff G. said...

Happy b-day friend! I'm so glad I have a friend who can do the splits without getting an episiotomy first! Love ya!