Sunday, November 23, 2008


no balloons, no elaborately wrapped packages, no cupcakes and no musical chairs.
allow me to paint the picture of what a 31 year old's birthday party looks like.
intro to a night of pleasing happenings to be remembered:

-sushi. we're cultured ladies.

-pregnancy. approximately 27% of my guests had a bun in the oven. another 63% are wiping bums daily, 18% want a baby now and 100% wanted a long full night of sleep. what would i do without the support of all these busted vag's around me?

-dolled up. my friends are cute. and it's imperative we see each other out of our sweats and with an ess load of makeup on. if my brandon let me talk about edward for 5 hours straight, i'd curl my hair for him too.

-random. 31 year olds make friends in unusual places. imagine inviting a girl you blogstalk to your girl's night out and she actually shows up and is more darling in person than you'd ever dreamed of. (31 is the year you begin using words like "darling").

-smashing. you have friends that can do things like this to their hair and you love them even more for being classy and crassy.... equally.

-ditto from above. seriously, look at the hair.

-laughing. it didn't stop all evening. which is scary for this one and her leaky urethra.

-priscilla. every 31 year old party needs a pretty girl that knows how to throw around some ugly faces. it's something we find funny.

-a cozy fire. comfort is a must and when the temp drops down to a chilly 70 degrees, we need something to keep our skinny friends warm.

-wishes. gimme a second. unlike childhood, these wishes really mean something. but since my two perfectly sweet little boys were happy at home with my husband of 10 years, i was surrounded by some great broads and i was wearing an incredible pair of patent leather peep toes, i think i wished for world peace.
happiest birthday hev!


Lucrecia said...

fantasmic! Your bday cake looks amazingly yummy! Looks like my kinda party. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. And I hope someone surprised you with Starship Troopers boots:)

Kat said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a good one :)

Wagars said...

Warning: This will be my most lesbian post to date - This post makes me miss and want to live near you so much I want to cry. And I am not trying to be funny, I literally want to cry.

Can't wait to see you soon. Please bring your patent leather peep toed shoes, your ess load of makeup on, your curled hair, and your winning personality for a good time in K-town next month!