Saturday, November 8, 2008


let's pretend some weirdo "tagged" me and forced me to answer these questions:

1. where is your favorite place to people watch?
- Scottsdale Fashion Square Food Court (all capitalized because it is very important)

2. where is the best place to get a soda?
- sonic. they have turd ice

3. what's you nickname for your inlaws?
- bonbon and suspence

4. what celebrity do you least resemble?
- danny devito

5. if you got to watch your husband make out with another man, who would it be?
- jay-z

6. if you had to hit one animal with your car, what would it be?
- a panther

7. tell us about the sweatiest day of your life:
- i was the runner's leg of a team tri. i walked, cried, peed and sweated my way through 13.1 miles with double ear infections, a lung infection and a very gnarly attitude. i had to burn my outfit after that race.

8. what is the worst outfit you've ever worn?
- purple v-neck. green striped headband. maternity jeans (uh oh.....slowly looking down at myself. sigh.)

9. if you had to spend $10 at Home Depot, what would you buy?
- white christmas lights and a hot dog

10. please post a very happy picture of yourself:

people I tag: everyone on my list. i will be checking.


Lucrecia said...

Good tag! I love that you just started this one on your, I mean a weirdo made you do it. I think it's going to spread like wildfire through the internet!:)

Wagars said...

OK, I did it. Go check it out.

Laurel MacD said...

I don't think I'm going to do it - but I love you for doing it.

ArizonaLewis said...


libbie said...

I am totally gonna do it . . . someday!