Monday, November 24, 2008

-what a gal

thanks t-money, for answering my late phonecall, leaving your nest, driving to the ghetto, pouring battery acid- i mean dr. pepper- down your unborn babies throat, screaming for edward, howling for jacob and giggling through sweet piggyback scenes. i. loved. it. and. you. too.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


no balloons, no elaborately wrapped packages, no cupcakes and no musical chairs.
allow me to paint the picture of what a 31 year old's birthday party looks like.
intro to a night of pleasing happenings to be remembered:

-sushi. we're cultured ladies.

-pregnancy. approximately 27% of my guests had a bun in the oven. another 63% are wiping bums daily, 18% want a baby now and 100% wanted a long full night of sleep. what would i do without the support of all these busted vag's around me?

-dolled up. my friends are cute. and it's imperative we see each other out of our sweats and with an ess load of makeup on. if my brandon let me talk about edward for 5 hours straight, i'd curl my hair for him too.

-random. 31 year olds make friends in unusual places. imagine inviting a girl you blogstalk to your girl's night out and she actually shows up and is more darling in person than you'd ever dreamed of. (31 is the year you begin using words like "darling").

-smashing. you have friends that can do things like this to their hair and you love them even more for being classy and crassy.... equally.

-ditto from above. seriously, look at the hair.

-laughing. it didn't stop all evening. which is scary for this one and her leaky urethra.

-priscilla. every 31 year old party needs a pretty girl that knows how to throw around some ugly faces. it's something we find funny.

-a cozy fire. comfort is a must and when the temp drops down to a chilly 70 degrees, we need something to keep our skinny friends warm.

-wishes. gimme a second. unlike childhood, these wishes really mean something. but since my two perfectly sweet little boys were happy at home with my husband of 10 years, i was surrounded by some great broads and i was wearing an incredible pair of patent leather peep toes, i think i wished for world peace.
happiest birthday hev!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

-follow up from last night

quick feedback: being a storm trooper is either bad like green mussels or good like s'mores creme brulee? comments needed from those that understand.

Monday, November 17, 2008

-Taco O'clocko

it's that time again.........BIRTHDAY NOVEMBER! although my birthday's on the 17th, i choose to take the entire month to celebrate every year.
and why the chap not?
i'm never going to be one of those "who cares about my birthday now that i'm an adult" or "i hate getting older" or "you'll never know my age" or "a lady never talks about her privates" types of people. so, this weekend, we kicked off the celebration with a group of friends on a trip to mexico. i honestly couldn't ask for anything better, so i guess i'll suffer through the rest of the festivities. wink

finally. we're all happy at the same time. that only took 3 months.

click to enlarge

mrs. tellya. she always yums my yuck.

my sand cake. when older ladies do the splits it always looks creepy/impressive.

little gator-ade

brooks discovered the joys of football on the beach, sleeping in and staying up late and the amazingness of marinating your string cheese in soda before eating it. seriously, could coating your 2 year old from head to toe in doritos cheese warrant a call to cps?

a trip into town for some scary broadbent style eats.

thera and brian. you know you're having a good time when you never know the time. brian asked me about 10 times a day. hence the phrase taco o'clocko. btw-this girl tivos 22 shows a week. i think she's better than me now.

jordan and reina. the unmarried couple. wanna know what jenna taught me making out sounds like? stirring macaroni. these two could've fed africa with all the macaroni they stirred. kinda makes you wanna punch yourself in the face but at least they gave us plenty of reasons to make jokes about umbro shorts and "laying hard".

schnozzberries. cory and jenna. he's the angry tennis playing wife tamer and she can light a cig with her vag. the most adventurous eaters on the planet and the first couple to die when the world runs out of caffeine.

brooks and calvin. fast friends. calvin's excited to chase after a toddler all weekend. brooks was excited to finally have a classy friend in a cardigan.

wish you were here. seriously.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

-big boy, cute buys and baby

big boy-
alas- he's transferred to the big boy bedroom making room for his baby brother in the nursery. someone and i feared this would be a fairly tramatic transition for the family. maybe because someone had such a hard time moving this first baby out of our room and into the crib and that same someone laid on the floor next to the crib the first night because he wanted to make sure his baby was breathing. like our room was the only one with an ample amount of baby breathing oxygen. what an ordeal that was. thankfully, brooks loves the new room. we all love the new room and actually spend most of our together time in there. with all the cars, books and new carpet to flick boogers into, wouldn't you?

look what big boy beds have started doing to his hair.

cute buys-
rarely do i actually buy things online and rarely do i share my finds with others however, rarely-est do i find thanksgiving decor without a cornicopia or turkey wearing a pilgrim hat on it. my sis ( just opened her etsy shop and would love to provide you with a pair of these beauty's. check out her children ignoring talents. :) (


just when you think you've loved something enough, they start to laugh. at you. while you're dancing for their older brother. in the kitchen. to rhianna. making life completely perfect.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


let's pretend some weirdo "tagged" me and forced me to answer these questions:

1. where is your favorite place to people watch?
- Scottsdale Fashion Square Food Court (all capitalized because it is very important)

2. where is the best place to get a soda?
- sonic. they have turd ice

3. what's you nickname for your inlaws?
- bonbon and suspence

4. what celebrity do you least resemble?
- danny devito

5. if you got to watch your husband make out with another man, who would it be?
- jay-z

6. if you had to hit one animal with your car, what would it be?
- a panther

7. tell us about the sweatiest day of your life:
- i was the runner's leg of a team tri. i walked, cried, peed and sweated my way through 13.1 miles with double ear infections, a lung infection and a very gnarly attitude. i had to burn my outfit after that race.

8. what is the worst outfit you've ever worn?
- purple v-neck. green striped headband. maternity jeans (uh oh.....slowly looking down at myself. sigh.)

9. if you had to spend $10 at Home Depot, what would you buy?
- white christmas lights and a hot dog

10. please post a very happy picture of yourself:

people I tag: everyone on my list. i will be checking.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

guess who gets home in 55 days and 20 minutes to be exact?

can you guess which one is my little brother?
this is no ordinary missionary homecoming.
to do list
-diet rockstars on ice
-new bjork album cued to song 4 in car
-purchase Reno 911 season 3
-wash my white jeans (he really looks good in those)
-blow up the air mattress

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

-my thoughts are fattening

Time for another self drawn portrait. Ever sit down to talk/think/read/ponder and nothing comes to mind? This picture displays my only explanation for it.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

-ok halloween. we can be friends again.

halloween is my favorite holiday, however, we've been on bad terms these past years. for me, the perfect fall weather, eating your weight in candy and carving pumpkins were delites totally trumped by the slut-o-rama costumes any girl over the age of 14 felt she had to wear. oh, the pressure.

i gave in one year and spent the entire evening picking my butt and avoiding eye contact with those i was obviously offending. shame on me. i nearly gave up on the holiday until this year when i realized i could totally enjoy it all through the eyes of my 2 year old. we did the hayrides, halloween stores, parties, parades and trunk or treating. this was the best year ever. i actually forgot to dress up because i was too entertained with brooks experiencing for the first time the mix of the 2 greatest emotions: excitement and fear (remember the first time you peed your pants?)

we ended the festivities in our neighbor's driveway, enjoying a bucket of chicken and handing out candy to mobs of super heroes and little witches. a fishnet free evening- total success.