Tuesday, April 13, 2010


this is my get down to business face:

i've been busy.
and will continue to be.
thank heavens for a crappy camera phone.
so i can document some of the exciting events such as:

i love being busy.
i swear.
5 more photo shoots this month and then i'll have time to breathe.


DJCK incorporated said...

Getting down with da bidness. You go, girl! About this time in your mother's stint as stay at home mom, she started making and selling snowmen and snowwomen made out of batting!

Arizona Lewis Photography said...

shoot me if i ever make anything out of batting.

Priscilla said...

..or you could just curl up in the fetal position and smoke a pack of dirt filled cigarettes while pulling out your eyelashes. I've heard it helps ease the stress.

DJCK incorporated said...

This is mom. I love that 1st picture. If you have your head on the head rest and that look on your face---that would be your famous "piano face"!