Tuesday, April 20, 2010


still too busy to breathe.
starting a new feature on my blog.
ways to describe people in japanese.
i hope it catches on.
"perhaps the striped jammies were the one touch that took this girl from looking odd to a straight up kyoujin."
(kyoujin- lunatic)

carry on.
i'll be posting some shots from the tutu shoot soon.
stay tuned.....


Britt Hunter said...

Ahhh....tutu pic...you big tease! Love it. Love you.

communikate. said...

Cute photo of the girl in the tutu!!
Love the japanese crazy style too!

Sara said...

That first pictures makes me so incredibly uncomfortable. I'm itchy.

The second picture is so cute, I could spit.

Priscilla said...

hey...never gave you permission to post that picture of me in my pajamas!