Monday, May 24, 2010

-another reason to love arizona

a couple of years ago i wrote this mental letter to the lovely state i live in:

dear arizona,

thanks for being so rad. i love taking my kids to the zoo weekly 8 months of the year and to the children's museum the other 4. i love running the trails of south mountain because you, more than any other state, have the most spectacular sun rises.

i love your perfectly clean streets/highways/parking lots that are free from snow and salt damage. i love the monsoons and haboobies, when they're not turning my inner courtyard into a swimming pool which eventually floods my abode.

i love the suns, the cardinals, the sundevils and the diamondbacks.

i really love p. croissants, smeeks, my neighbor audrey, last chance, that field down the street that gives me the perfect sunlight for pictures, potato barn, los taquitos and the trees full of birds on mill avenue.

just thought it was time to express my gratitude.

arizona lewis

ps- if you got an aquarium someday, my life would be complete.


also- a great excuse to buy a low light lens because this place is flash free.


Shuggilippo said...


ahc said...

i feel honored.

Kelly Mo said...

Which lens are you gonna get???

ArizonaLewis said...

i got a 50mm 1.8D and i love it!!

Carl said...

Did you really decide to write this blog on the day it snows in Utah? Thanks for rubbing it in. And by thanks I mean, I hope you get herpes.

A and C said...

Love it! The last time we went to an aquarium was last year in San Jose visiting my mom over spring break.

Sara said...

I'm glad you like your state.

I was planning on writing a letter to a different state for being awful.

You're a far more positive person than I am.

Keep it up.

Kelly Mo said...

I told you that you would love the 50mm! That is my grab and go lens. Can't wait to see more pics! You are inspiring me to open my Photoshop box. Still sealed and on the shelf. When I do open it, can I call you for a pep talk? I will need someone who will support my editing fancy and also tell me that it is okay to throw crackers and apples at the kids while I play so they don't starve. ;)

ArizonaLewis said...

kelly- photoshop still scares the shit out of me. i'm into lightroom these days. it's suuuuper.

communikate. said...

this makes me miss the valley of the sun. we just moved to WY last month.

i too love smeeks. and last chance. oh and the warmth!

Cole said...

I love living in Arizona too. Just found your blog and love it. :)
nicole visiting from

Pepper Lovin! said...

If you love potato barn email next time you want furniture and i will tell you about the REAL hookup!