Wednesday, May 5, 2010

-the beginning

a long, long time ago i saw this picture:
it made me want to be a photographer.
i never really knew the girls in the photo because they were just friends of a friend but i'd always thought about how cute they were and how much fun they looked like they were having in this and every other picture of them together.
so- 7 years after seeing this picture, imagine what a universe tilting experience it was when catlin, the blond, randomly emailed me and asked me to take graduation pictures of her and her friend tiffani.

they claimed to stalk my blog.
i claimed to stalk their existence.
who's creepier now?

to see a more reasons why i love them, click here


Sara said...

I want to live in a land where I can sport my super-fancy heels all day long. But alas, I on the side of a giant mountain and would smash my two front teeth within minutes if I attempted this.

I need to move back to the rolling plains of the Midwest...

tiffani. said...

I LOVE this!! We had so much fun that day! You are fabulous :)

cat said...

haha the best part about that pic is that i crashed into tiff like two seconds later and we both fell over! you're the best and thank you so much for giving us such amazing pics!! :)