Thursday, May 13, 2010

-soccer mom. minus the soccer

what am i doing?

long since the days of leisure parenting.
ever since i found out i was pregnant with brooks, i've day dreamed about days full of soccer mom activities, orange wedges and celebration trips to DQ.

so i dove in this spring. head first.

we're enrolled in an animal movement class, swimming lessons, lil dribblers basketball, literacy art classes and preschool camps galore. the idea was to keep the boys busy, introduce them to new friends, get physical and away from the tv and hopefully learn a thing or two.

not so much.

i think they're having a good time but it's hard to tell when all i see is:
-brooks pouting on the baseline during basketball and allowing the bounce pass to nail him in the chest because he refuses to participate and put his hands out.
-ade spending more time with the step stool and water fountain during the animal class because no matter how entertaining the lispy instructor is with her fierce CT every time she stands up from a frog jump- quenching his thirst is top priority.
-both of my boys staring at an 80 year old's set of saggy melons in the Y locker room after an intense lesson of swim (aka sitting on the steps and crying every time the lifeguard tried to engage, encourage or just flat out force the 3 year old to put his face in the water)
-what the heck is literacy art class? we've missed 4 weeks in a row because i can't seem to get out of the house on time. sounds amazing though.

maybe i'm overdoing it.
maybe they're too young for all the extra stuff outside of their comfort haven.
maybe they've learned the greatest lesson of all:
when mom says your name through clenched teeth, you'd better climb through that dumb tube and act like a bear before she rips your arm out of it's socket by a long limb drag down the hall and out to the car.



1 Funky Woman said...

You know it all sounds good to me but maybe thats why they (mine too) misbehave and want to do anything but what they are suppose to. I'm so glad your saying their name with clenched teeth works for you because all mine seem to do is laugh when I do that! I wonder why it seems so much easier for other mom's, what happy pill are they taking? My question is why do they always have to stare when your kid is acting horrible. Sometimes I want to crawl right back into bed instead of deal. But I think I might go and have my Miller Lite (my mother's day present, if you didn't read about it)!

Can't wait to hear if you ever make it to Literacy Art Class!

McCain Family said...

haha oh Heather. You're funny. I think it's such a great idea to get them involved, but I can imagine the frustration when they don't want to participate. I would almost put money on the fact that Hayden would be the same way.
Keep at it, soccer mom. They'll learn to love it, right? They better, or else!

Shuggilippo said...

You have inspired me to be uninspired. I was debating getting Nugget into twenty different "super cool" things that keep bogging down our mailbox. It would be radtastic to have him interested in something other than Thomas, Handy Manny, and Wow Wow Wubbzy, sure, but at what cost to my sanity? At what cost Heather?

You have saved me months of chaos and a heavy Diet Coke addiction that would be sure to land me in Aspartame Addicts Anonymous.

DJCK incorporated said...

Ahem...............what would you do if your daughter was the high point star on the eighth grade basketball team and when she went to register for freshman basketball with her mother, tried to sign up for "dance team" instead? Yup. Let's all let out one hearty sigh for that poor dad.

DJCK incorporated said...

AND....what would you do if your daughter was named "Best Freshman Voice", made Mad Hatters as a sophomore, then had her voice crack during a solo and never, ever, sang publickly in high school again? Sigh. Payback is a bitch.