Sunday, May 9, 2010

-carol is the coolest

5 simple things i learned from my mom:
-nothing smells better than rain
-the best part about christmas is the lights
-a party's never a party without ruffles, onion dip and peanut m&m's
-head/back tickles are the best way to show your man you love him
-to always be happy for other people's successes

thanks carol.
i love you very much.

and here's my reason to celebrate today:

this is his new pose for pictures. i say go with it.

i love my life.


McCain Family said...

Seriously, those boys are the best!
We love Carol, too :)

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Wagars said...

I heart Carol too!

I think I am going to have to go to her a lot in the next four years on how to deal with raising a rebelious child with love ;-)

Carl said...

My favorite thing I have learned from Mom is that most of life's most difficult questions have simple answers. For example, when I was little and would hurt myself I would go to Mom and say, "Every time I do this, it really hurts." Mom's answer, "Well, stop doing that."

This logic works in so many situations and it's always correct.

Phill and Jessica said...

You are so gorgeous!

1 Funky Woman said...

Yes you have 2 wonderful reasons to have celebrated Mom's Day! And to have a wonderful mother like you have! Great pose he has!

Priscilla said...

your life IS pretty amazing!...Kinda jealous right now...not gonna lie!

Tiffany Toronto said...

BTW, I am pretty much in love with your little guys poses. He has got some serious moves. I am pretty sure that if he tried those moves on Miss M she would claim him as her boyfriend immediately (she already has claimed that half the boys in our neighborhood are her "most favorite boyfriends" :)

Miss you guys!

Kat said...

Cute pics of you guys! Brooks and Ade are sure growing up- it's no lie when people say that time flies huh. Hope you are doing well!

Carolyn said...

Sheamus is in a similar, but double thumbs up phase. That Brooks has got that crazy wink face DOWN!