Monday, July 12, 2010


brandon has 12 nieces.
pretty crazy marrying into a family where my age was halfway between my new inlaw siblings and their offspring. i couldn't WAIT for the girls to grow up and become my real friends.
that day has come.
this is jenn-
she's brandon's oldest niece and the one i love very much.
over the past 2 years we've had some good talks. all night. very very late. just the 2 of us.
she's having her first baby soon and it was so fun to talk about braxton hicks, dialation and cravings while i was in utah last week. more fun than i'd have ever thought. fun enough to blog about.
congrats jenn on finding michael, getting knocked up almost a full year after marriage and growing up to be my friend. xox

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Jennifer said...

I was afraid that my eggs were going to rot so I figured we'd better get it on early in marriage...not really though. And I love that you don't allow anonymous comments!