Friday, July 9, 2010

-happiest 4th of july week in UTAH

you know a trip was a good one when not even a flat tire in page, 6 days of constipation or having to share a bed with a 3 year old and his egg beater legs gets you down.

our road trip to utah was so so great.
great to get away from the phoenix heat.
great to see my 3 brothers, their families and my parents.
great to watch my boys feed chickens and geese at my sister in law's.
great to observe my father in law read a direct tv manual for 3 straight days.
great to eat a sandwich from ernie's and a salad from bajio.
great to talk pregnancy shop with my 9 month pregnant niece.
great to sit around a campfire and watch my husband compete with my nephew for the perfect toasted marshmallow.

i was so sad to leave but had the beautiful drive home to look forward to.
i put my little camera phone to work.

and my dad would be super disappointed in me if i didn't give some sort of report on carrie underwood and the stadium of fire in provo. it was fun. she was thightastic and thrusty. and the fireworks made me cry- like always.

and through all the "greatness" i have to say my favorite part of the entire trip was being in the car together, as a little family of 4, with the windows down, unbelievable scenery giving us all a glimpse of god's grandeur and a heart full of gratitude for this life i've been given.


Lucrecia said...

I'm so sad I missed you! I deleted my FB just before the 4th. My appologies :) Did you guys feed ducks and geese at Dutch's in Springville? That's right down the street from my old house. I'm glad you guys had a fantastic time. The weather was just perfect no?

ArizonaLewis said...

it was so amazing!
what's with all of the privacy lately? email me
so sorry to have missed our chance to play. i'll be back for photos in the fall so we'll have to find some time to frolic then!

McCain Family said...

I'm so glad you guys could come!
We love you!

Those pictures are beautiful...

Sara said...

6 DAYS of constipation?

My colon is very sad for yours.

I can't imagine that was at all pleasant. The before, the during or the after.

DJCK incorporated said...

What is "thrusty"? Love your photos and it was always fun to have you and yours around. Even when Brooks, Brooks, Brooks getting all the looks at the store. Yay for fun times.

Rachel said...

It was so great to see you. We'll have to get together when you're in Utah again.

Nielsens said...

i just saw on your photography website that you were up in utah and i'm so sad i didnt know before hand! I want some new pics of sammy and i (can you believe it's been a year since you did our engagements?!) anyway...we'll be in the same state sooner or later...glad you had a fun trip!