Monday, July 12, 2010

-we miss you laurel, tom, isabelle, grady and mia!!

this is picture is the most accuarte portrayal of how much i loved my utah trip:
it was indulgent, sweet and super carefree. and probably had a poopy diaper.

first off- we finally got 3 of the 4 monkeys together for a photoshoot:
darren, hayden and ade

two things to really love:
1. a little girl with blue eyes
2. a sister in law eating a hotdog topped with doritos.

a hot dog in my pocket.
this may be the last year this is funny.
probably reaches an uncomfortable funny next year.
which is only ok with one person: me- the queen ruler of uncomfortable funny.
but i won't subject my sweet niece or first born to it.

here's my family. although we look bored, we were very happy.

by living down here in arizona, we're missing out on some major cousin time.
brooks and ade had SO much fun with their built in blood line friends.

this picture is the worst thing i love.
a baby in oakleys and jorts (jean shorts).
it's like he was born in a walmart.
but just check out that proud look on his face.
all he needed to complete this outfit was a cool iguana perched on his shoulder and a 44oz mountain dew in hand.
dave, kym and boston.
don't stare too long. your eyes will burn out of their sockets.
it's like looking into the sun. but shiny-er and more intense.

i have never had so much fun in utah.
i love my family.
i miss my family.
too much.


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I have to not think too much or the tears will start flowing. If you are still into car trips - we've got a reason to come visit on August 7th.

DJCK incorporated said...

Heather you are a fantastic chronicler of good times. Makes we want to say pooh-pooh to the rock chip in my windshield and the three day "do nothing" makeup weekend to head back and do it again. Carl was the quintessential host and his front porch was the neatest place to hang out, ever.

McCain Family said...

I love these pictures. The hot dog in the pocket will always be funny. Always.

Love you!

Carl said...

For some reason this blog and the following comments, made me cry. First time that has ever happened to me. Thanks. We miss you guys so much and our house feels so empty and lonely without 11 additional bodies running around it.