Wednesday, August 4, 2010

-"cause without you things get hazy"

look who's gearing up for phoenix fashion week:
it's little brother's girlfriend KYM!!
she was chosen the be the face of 2 emerging designers this year and asked me to do her make up for the promotion campaign.
kinda fun to still be involved in a photo shoot but not have to stress about lighting or timelines.

i love this picture of my brother watching his lady:

and after the make up adventure, i walked down the street to meet audrey for dessert:
an extra helping of william fitzsimmons
with a side dish of rosy galon.

it was perfect.
actually the whole day was.
i text audrey the next morning and said i think i had a happiness hangover.

ps- this was kym's 2nd look.
i guess 2011 is all about dallas hair, 2lbs of purple eye shadow and dancing on a table without pants.
cause THAT happened.


Sara said...

In that first picture, I actually couldn't figure out if you were doing the makeup or if you were in the chair.

THEN, I was most surprised to learn she isn't even related to you!


ArizonaLewis said...

thank you very much.
i'm sure if kym see's this she's going to dip herself in gasoline and drive her car off a cliff.

ahc said...

love it all.