Sunday, August 22, 2010


at my son's 2 year old birthday bash i asked my mom:
"what's wrong? is it too boring, too hot, too loud?"
she said without a blink of an eye:
"it's not too hot".

and that was when i realized everyone hated me for dragging them into the mouse's anus where the bad pizza tasted like an autopsy glove and the lighting made even the most flawless skin take on a meth addict glow.
but there was a mediocre store bought red velvet cake.
and a super delicious 2 year old.

happy birthday ader nugget.
we owe you one.

brooks and tayson:

fern and fri:

ade and kamri:

ps- the morning after, we went to the fair parade in downtown kennewick.
we all nursed our charles e chez hangovers by waving to princesses on floats, scrambling for street candy, cheering for the pooper scoopers, laughing at the shriners on their mini motorcycles and..............

watching this fine beauty school demonstration of a lady getting an up-do in the back of a moving pick up truck.
i feel better, don't you?


Shuggilippo said...

Redemption is such a beautiful thing. We moms, with the occasional suck, are really good at it.

Carrie Leanne said...

holy crap I am dying. the last picture made my month.

McCain Family said...

Happy birthday, Ade! Sorry we missed it!
Seriously, that last picture is awesome. It makes me happy.

kathleen said...

my parents lived in kennewick when they were first married and that last picture pretty much affirms pretty much made my mother die of laughter. also, you are seriously hilarious and refreshingly honest, appreciate!

Wagars said...

If I had known I could a see s moving demonstration of an up do at the parade, I would halled my butt out of bed and headed on down town! Seriously kicking myself right now.
Love the pics of the kids. I think ade looks pretty good in that headband.