Wednesday, August 11, 2010

-left brain deficient

so it's been brought to my attention that my official photography website sucks.
like- it's really bad, amateurish and confusing.
so i'd like to apologize for sending you there for no reason.
the only reason i really wanted it was to post prices but
a) those are changing again and
b) people just email me about pricing anyways.

so i've gotta clean it up or start over again.
i'm so bad at the business side of life it's embarrassing.
i need a super hot gay assistant to manage my career, dress me and slap my hand when i cut myself another cheesecake brownie. anyone? anyone?

here's some of my favorite photos from the week.
not sure where else to put them. (sad two note trumpet sound)


Kelly Mo said...

I'll be your assistant. But I'm not gay.

communikate. said...

Great photos!

I need an assistant like that too! Let me know if there's an agency for such specifications.

Britt Hunter said...

Don't see the gash in her chin. love the ice cream.

Shuggilippo said...

I'll be your hero as long as I can continue to savor the man sausage...

Becky and Cameron Wyatt said...

You do need a cooler photog site. I did my real estate site by using a WOO THEME -
- it was very difficult so if you don't plan on learning code - hire it out. I know someone who can do it. She helped me with mine.

ahc said...

any left brain deficiency you might have is balanced out with all that right brain superpower.
brad from rachel zoe called, he wants the job.

Rachel said...

yup, i'm a random. a random, lurker of your blog for about a year. not creepy at all, right? the post below made-me-laugh-so-freaking-hard i had to say hello, i love your blog, and your pics and i hope you don't mind if i peek....