Saturday, September 4, 2010

-busting out of summer

welcome to town jackie/woman who created jonelle!!

it was fun to get together with friends for our going back to preschool dinner at olive and ivy.
that's so lame.
we actually haven't hung out in a month and neither of us wanted to host and mess up our houses.

here's the nugs:
brody and ade & brooks and breana

we wanted a picture together just the 2 of us and what were we thinking?
our kids can't go 30 seconds without having to grab us with their greasy paws.
this was a great summer.
and i have the extra 10lbs to prove it.
i SWEAR this dress fit me in june.
and yes- i did know it was gaping as i left the house but i decided i was just going to pretend it wasn't that noticeable.
and then i saw the pictures.
and brandon's disapproving look.
no more brownies for this broad.


Kelly Mo said...

At least the 10 pounds went to your boobs. You look fab regardless.

LuLu said...

Whoa, Brody looks a lot like his pops! Back to preschool, eh? You're a much better Mommy than me. And 10 lbs? Pshaw! I got you beat, sweets!