Thursday, September 16, 2010

-it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterdayyyyyyyyyeeeeee

i'm cleaning out my closet.
i have to get rid of everything.
including things that are nothing more than sentimental objects.
goodbye snowboarding pants, weird round toe beige flats, gem sweater that leslie and the lys personally blessed.
and goodbye 1996 j. crew silk slip-like prom dress.
i'm having a hard time getting rid of this little lass.
i thought i was so different when i wore this to prom and was surround by tacky satin, lace and sequins.
i took all of my bobby pins out of my formal up-do the minute i stepped on the dance floor so i could officially get down to business. (how do you dance without a flowing mop of permed glory anyways?)
it was a great night. i wore a thong for the first time, i slept in the bottom of a friend's boat and i didn't get home the next day until around 3pm. my date was my best friend jeff smith. we were for real best friends- no chemistry or sexual tension. i probably farted in his parent's borrowed thunderbird that night.

but before we parted, i had to have one last dance in my favorite dress:
a barefooted photo shoot with some very confused friends.
they couldn't tell if i loved the dress or if i was making fun of myself. again.
i think both.


Taylor K said...

AWww, that is a sweet post. I am SO bad at getting rid of clothes.

McCain Family said...

That was pretty funny. I think you pull off wearing that dress still. :)
It's always so nice to clean out the closet and get rid of things you NEVER use. It's refreshing.

Love you!

Sara said...

You can still fit into your prom dress?

Um, yeah... me too! Wearing it right now, in fact! I often do the dishes in it just to feel fancy.