Wednesday, September 29, 2010


remember this post?
i gave my lester a makeover.
and i love him more than ever (even though he still sounds like a ragamuffin).


Taylor K said...

Lester is looking mighty good. Well done. If I were at your house, I would play 'Lean On Me' and "Ode to Joy' for you. They're the only songs in my repertoire.

Julianne said...

looks great!

Jennifer said...

Love the title...that's the only song I can play by heart! I miss you guys!

prettybaby said...

i've been wanting a piano for-ever. this makes me want one even more, it's lovely! do you play well? i am taking at home lessons and i pretend to play very well. i see lovely romantic ancient ones on craigslist all the time for barely any $ but am not allowed to purchase one until we move which is very sad. please feel sorry for me. xx