Tuesday, September 14, 2010

-bzzzzz bzz bzzz

there's a town in az called bumble bee.
someone needs to write a song about it.
19 residents, crumbling buildings, ground covered in sparkling glass, prickly pear and 3 super happy photographers.
jenny hansen is a photographer from ogden, ut. she was in town, i wanted to shoot with her, soooooo- i randomly invited her to come to an engagement shoot i had scheduled.
i'm so happy she's into random drives through the desert with 2 people she doesn't know.
it was a blast. and that's jose on the right.

i love shooting in new spots.
even if i get stung and feel like i'm hallucinating as the tracker jacker venom takes over my brain.

we'll be back for more.
fo sho.


Brooke said...

Beautiful setting... and love the Hunger Games tracker jack venom reference! :)

Taylor K said...

I wave to the bumble bee road every time I drive to Flagstaff so that I don't have a car accident. Because I am crazy like that and think I can control the fate of my drive by waving at a highway sign. :)

ArizonaLewis said...

i have also been looking at that sign for years!!
not in your weird voodoo way but all the same right?