Sunday, April 3, 2011

-busy day at the office

my current place of employment is bumble bee, az.
i can't get enough.
i don't know how other phoenix photographers find locations in the valley.
i'm so sick of looking for places.
i've found one other interesting spot but even that's posted all over some dude's photo blog.
but who cares.
it's an hour drive and bumble bee is where it's at for arizona lewis.
there's never a single person up there taking pictures, you can pee where ever you want and i'm getting to know the locals. (actually can't avoid them when they're standing 15ft away watching me take pictures and hollering at me to avoid stepping on nails and to come check out the inside of their refurbished bus).
it's always an adventure.
this saturday i had my dearest jose with me to figure out how to shoot for 3 different clients at the same time. an engaged couple, an accessory designer and a sexy cowgirl (those pictures aren't available yet).
we figured it out and when we were sitting down for a super late dinner at a chipotle in who-knows-where, az i said to him:
"wanna know why i look like i've been laying in the dirt? it's because i've been laying in the dirt".

maddie and lindsay's engagements.

a new line called "fun. modern. vintage."
by britt hunter

miner bob and his bus.
photo by jose de orta.

photo by jose.
styling by miner bob.

photo by arizona lewis
sunset by the good lord.


jack n molly said...

I heart you. That is all.

tiff and jay. said...

that sunset is amazinnngg! i love all your bumble bee shots, beautiful!

Julianne said...

Heather, keep going on the dirt road till you reach a town called Cleater, lots of old buildings and stuff to take pictures of, it is probably 15 min fron bumble bee. My friend has a house in Crown King, so I drive past these places all the time. There is a cute wind mill on the right side of the road as you drive along.

Cindy Schreiber said...
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