Tuesday, April 12, 2011

-needing kennewick

is it possible to be a deer in headlights and not even know it?
sometimes i take on more than i should. a lot.
why, why, why do fill my life with more than this bucket can hold?
it's like i run out into the middle of traffic but turn my head before i get hit by a truck.
and the twisted part is that these are the times in my life where i feel alive most.
i think running at max speed is what it takes to get the serotonin flowing.
i'm also thinking it's time to go home again.

ps- please send me an email: arizona.lewis@yahoo if you live in the tri cities area in washington and would like photos. i'll be there for a couple of weeks. probably the last 2 weeks of june and first 2 weeks of july.


A and C said...

That isn't a couple of weeks, that is a month! Want to come out and visit us in our new place? We would LOVE to have you guys

Sara said...

I hope to someday live in Seattle. You can take pictures of me...and all the cats that I'll need to get.