Thursday, April 7, 2011


so this is why i didn't throw myself off of cliff when i didn't think i could a take another day of parenting. although i looooove my little babies, this big boy stuff is where the fun begins. the boys have started another round of basketball and i can honestly say it's my favorite part of the week. i love their excitement when they make a shot, i love the smell of the gym floors, i love their coach andy, i love how awkward their ball handling skills are and i love the chowfest at sweet tomatoes following the exhausting 40 minute practice. (wink)
and what i love most, most, most is watching lew be the proud papa.
brooks is tall and fast- papa chest puff #1
ade is feisty and confident- papa chest puff #2

and since ade's realized he can dribble better with his feet- he thinks he's twice as smart too.
drinking. it. all. in.


MaryPosa said...

My husband is a High School basketball coach... and we have 3 daughters. (I'm not saying girls can't play basketball, but you know... it's just different) So I'm all sorts of jealous right now. But in a nice oh-you-lucky-lady way, not a stick-a-fork-in-your-basketball kind of way.

Carl said...

So proud. If they ever need a personal coach, just give me a call.