Friday, April 1, 2011

- 5 years old.

the back of this picture says:
"heather. summer 1983"
it's written in my grandma mccain's handwriting.
it seems as though people only talk about their childhood if it was a crappy one.
not mine.
i had an amazing childhood.
i'm grateful for parents that taught me how to be myself and then how to love myself.
(and for forcing me to laugh at myself and push myself too).
that's all.
happy fridizzle.


Jess said...

Without a doubt in my mind, Imma say that Dennis taught you how to be gangsta.

Happy Fridizzle, homegirl.

Britt Hunter said...

So good to see you today. I just love to be with you. You have amazing energy and it inspires me. Oh and the chillins are pretty adorable, too. xxoo

ArizonaLewis said...

we loved having you and overwhelming you too!
i scare myself when i'm that caffeinated.
can't imagine what it did to your kin.
you're the best and i'm excited to get to clickin' with your cute new stuff!!

audrey lasalle said...

i look at this pic and all i see is ade.

Rachel said...

This picture took me straight back to Grandma's playing upstairs. Or going camping with them, either one.