Thursday, March 31, 2011

sometimes, when i have way too much to do, i get stuck in my office looking at old pictures of my babies.
i remember exactly what was happening in every single one.
the mood i was, the temperature of the air and so grateful to hear the camera shutter click assuring me that this moment would be remembered forever.

this is a picture of me and my 5lb 10oz baby boy brooks.
he was so tiny in the hospital and looked just like a baby turtle without its shell.
in this picture i was so happy to be walking around the hospital room.
i'd never felt so much happiness and confidence in my entire life:

this picture was taken in an old grapefruit orchard in mesa around sunset.
i was testing lighting for a shoot the next night and brought my baby turtle with me to run around and check out bugs.
it was so hot and humid that night.
brooks was crouching down checking out an ant hill and when i finally found him he stood up, turned around and gave me this sweet little innocent look:

this picture was actually taken by my neighbor, carolyn wells.
i had just nursed baby ade and he fell asleep with that saucy look on his face.
i always thought of him as my kitty when he was a baby because he loved to snuggle and have his head pet when he nursed. when his hair sprouted over night it felt like a fresh peach that i couldn't keep my hands off of. i loved all of the baby phases with my little gatorade:

these strawberries were for a summer dinner at jonelle's. of course ade snuck up on to the counter by himself and i didn't have it in me to get him down. it was one of those "live a little" moments and i found so much happiness in his gorging. he threw an absolute fit when i finally washed his face:
does anyone know how to turn a blog into a book?
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Kelly Mo said...

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Justin said...

I love this post so much!! What sweet memories and perfect pics to capture those moments!

Jess said... is da biz.

The Pocket Inn said...

This post made me cry! So beautiful. I am so happy for you and your perfect family. I need to see you soon! Love you hev.

brian and thera tolman said...

Brooks was the cutest little baby turtle, that picture with him as an infant is so darling. You are such a great mom to those beautiful boys

tiff and jay. said...

p.s. Justin's gmail was logged in and I commented on his behalf lol.