Thursday, March 17, 2011

st. patrick's day with moms.......

we decided to meet jo and her crew on mill avenue today for a little fun.
we didn't realize it was "fat girl in green tube top with a splashing beer in her hand" day.
the kids loved the ruckus.
i loved witnessing jo verbally "assault" a woman on the sidewalk in her zen way.

lady: TRY MOVING!!!!
jo: you're.........rude. (if she had been wearing white gloves she would have removed them by the finger tips and swatted the woman in the face)
lady: RUDE?!!!!!??!! you *$&#&@^&$*@&!*!
jo: yeah rude you fat, fat, fatt......... (couldn't finish because the lady got bored and walked off).
me: what was that?
jo: you were on the dang phone and i needed some help!
me (after hours of thinking of a comeback): you should've said- "hey lady! don't be mad because you look like you're pregnant with anger. and beer".

oh yeah sucka. don't mess with us. we'll get you. we'll talk about you .......... behind your back!
i promise we use to be much quicker on our feet.
next time.

anyways- here's a video i made of our psycho babies.


Jessica said...

Oh how I love this.

Dean said...

True Love!!!!!