Wednesday, March 2, 2011

-the mold breaker.

lew and i decided that ade needed a pair of coveralls for the warmer season.
he's that kind of kid.
within 30 minutes of having them on for the trial run- the pockets were full of rocks, sand and cars. he also loved wiping his spaghetti face on his bare shoulder and getting buck naked to pee on the bougainvillea trellis.

dear god in heaven-
i never knew this level of joy.
domo arigato.
hev (he prefers my childhood nickname)
ps- thanks for making brooks so smart.
pps- please expedite this whole situation with brandon's work.
ppps- seahorses are the most fascinating sea creatures. low 5 for that one.


Wagars said...


DJCK incorporated said...

Not sure that top right picture corroborates the Brooks is Smart comment. But, there is love and fun, that's quite evident.

Jess said...

First off lemme stop rolling from Daddy-O's comment on the "Brooks is smart" thing.

The boys are ridiculously precious and the bouganvilla trellis should be honored. HONORED I say!

I think Jeebs is feelin' ya. I'm hoping everything moves along with The Great Lew Transplantation Experiment, y'all*.

*I'm not even sure drawls are relevant, but I'm making one anyway, yo**.


1 Funky Woman said...

At least he's a boy and peeing on flowers. My daughter tried that in her squatting position when she was his age! Half the time my husband and I joke we have white trash kids. At least their cute if they aren't smart!

I'm so glad you looked closer at my little old lady and her artwork! Someone suggested she should bedazzle it! Can you imagine!


DJCK incorporated said...

Didn't this little table and chairs used to be painted green?

brian and thera tolman said...

I second that sista!

The Pocket Inn said...

I am dying over these perfect little dudes! Brooks nails so many Hev faces it makes me smile :)