Saturday, March 19, 2011


i think i've finally made it through that thing i've been going through.
i feel better.
i have energy again.
i'm remembering how much i love the little things- wind, tea, made beds, cooking, books, date nights, sleeping, getting a laugh out of the spouse.
so whatever that funk was about, i've learned my lesson i guess.
onto lovelier things.
like my new painting that i've been saving up for.
here's just a glimpse:
i'll post a real picture when it's officially hung.

ps- it's spring:
pps- i just finished reading "the good earth". it's the best book i've ever read in my life.

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The Baum Squad said...

Hey total stalker here. Never have I left a comment but I enjoy the blog and the sarcasim. One time I went to Lowes and I saw your brother. I was all smiling and waiting for him to recognize me and then I was like oh ya, he's arizona lewis's model brother - I don't really know him and he doesn't know me from Adam. Nice.

But I'm really commenting b/c I too am reading the good earth right now....I have like 3 pages left. Such a good book. But wow, it made me depressed and want to punch my husband? Just in case he was thinking about going to a tea shop sometime in the near future. Are the last 3 pages going to make me feel better about people living in China?