Wednesday, March 16, 2011

-um um um ......

this week is spring break and we have no plans.
spring break from the jewish preschool that's only 3 half days a week anyways.
it's awesome to not be held to a schedule. the older i get, the more i lose my left brained skills.
i don't think there's an organized, logical or well articulated bone in my body.
brandon told me that i don't speak properly.
i agree.
i'm kind of out of practice. i have all of these ideas in my head and would rather use my hands to express them rather than converse with an adult. see right here- i have no idea how to spit out this simple concept in my mind.

i'm not going to blame it on being a stay at home mom.
if anything- my mom life is the only thing forcing me to plan, coordinate and instruct.

i'm going to say it's aging.
so many things are better left unsaid.
like i'm deep or something.

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