Monday, April 14, 2008

My favorite Saturday

Lately, Tiff and I have been talking a lot about being more present in our lives. You know, enjoying the now. Sometimes it's really hard for me to slow my thoughts down enough to notice all the little things. This week I spent waaay too much time decorating the house, cleaning the house, worrying about my muscles being replaced with gravy, future trips to see family, future trips not seeing family and a bunch of other crap.

So, Saturday morning I woke up and decided it was going to be a great day. Brooks and I went out to breakfast at "The Farm" and I literally shut off my brain from all the nagging noise. We missed our dad but I didn't let it distract me. It really ended up being one of my favorite mornings ever. I spent most of the time watching Brooks walk. There's something about his waddle that makes me wanna laugh and squeeze him til he pops. I forgot to care about my home and things and social life because I was way more interested in watching the chickens claw over each other to get a closer look a Brooks. And for a couple minutes, we laid under the pecan trees and tried as hard as we could to watch the grass grow. It was awesome

oh yeah- and then we ended the day at the drive-in with Tolman and Broadbent clans. I really don't remember much about the movie but will never forget the Mamba's and babies in the moonlight. Thanks Jenna for the fun night. xox- Mother Earth (my hormones are turning me into a weirdo).


Laurel MacD said...

Thomas S Monson has said "Spend your time on things that matter." That is something I think about almos EVERY day.

Julianne said...

Funny cause I have been thinking about this too. My boys are growing too fast, I feel like I need to just soak up the time that I have with them before they grow up. It is often hard to just stop and enjoy life. We get too caught up in everything that isn't really going on at the moment, and then we miss the moment.

Kat said...

I bet it was sad to see his hair go... he does look cute with the new cut :)
I'm happy that you two had such a good morning. It's important to get away like that, and enjoy what's happening now.

McCain Family said...

I love your Saturday morning. It's everything I want to do when Hayden gets older. I'm also trying to live more in the "now" of things and just enjoy every moment I have with the people most important to me.