Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ups and downs

21 weeks pregnant and so far o.k. I've had a little nausea this time, plus the headaches are back and I can't sleep through the night. Some have it soo bad so I know I shouldn't complain (sorry Fri!!) but I bet I'm up there with the best of them when it comes to emotions. I'm bat sh*t crazy these days. I cry at anything that's either really touching or amazing or delicious and cheesy. I was just thinking about a list of things that put me through the full range of emotions this week. Deep breath in:

down: searching all over the web and Phoenix for the perfect bed for Brooks
up: realizing that my little monkey is growing up and along with the bed, there's a whole new world we're discovering daily.

down: losing my phone with all contact #'s
up: asking the UPS man if he wanted to make out when he showed up with a new one yesterday

down: crying in Joann's because I hate those type of stores filled with ladies sporting wash and wear hair and sensible shoes
up: realizing that I can talk Julianne into helping me with anything crafty and send those ugly ladies back to the needles and thread section where they belong

down: overhearing some lady at the zoo say I'm a bad mom because I make my kid have a mullet.
up: having Brooks sit still during his 12 minute first haircut

down: crying in Ikea because I nearly pooped my pants in the bed section
up: enjoying an entire 20 minute meal of bliss (prior to the near accident) where Brooks fed and entertained himself and I enjoyed a wrap and 2 very dangerous Diet Pepsis.

down: crying while watching Oprah, American Idol and some conference
up: realizing that I wouldn't have this much tv time or lack of social interaction if I had a freaking phone

That's it. I guess it's all been about the silver lining lately. And I'm not talking about my regrowth!


MLH said...

I can't believe how small this little "blogging world" is...I couldn't tell you how I found your blog b/c I jumped so many times from random blogs to get here. I'm not really sure you'll even remember me, but tell Carl an old friend said "hello" :) Your family is beautiful and its great to see someone from ol' KeHS being so successful - Congrats on the 2nd pregnancy!

Fairchild Family said...

I am just wondering if the UPS man accepted your offer? And if yes, was he a good makeout?

hizznizzle said...

heather---I came across your blog while blog-surfing. I was so excited to see you. Your little family is beautiful! Brooks is a doll. You look fabulous with dark hair! Hope you guys are doing well, tell Brandon I say hello. luv--Lezlie

Emily K said...

I sobbed at the grocery store because they did not have the kind of spaghetti sauce I wanted...and hey! That description of the Joann's ladies hits a little too close to home!!

Tiffany Toronto said...

Love those pregnancy hormones! That was so fun to see you guys the other day and little Brooks is a doll. We'll have to get together some time and have our little ones play!

Tiffany Toronto said...
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