Thursday, April 3, 2008

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Yippee! It's Thursday, Blogday! I'm trying to pace myself and my addictive personality. Mondays and Thursdays are scheduled unless something spectacular pops up on a Wednesday (rare).

How did you meet your spouse? Brandon and I had a Philosophy class together at UVSC. It was his only semester as a Wolverine and he says he went there for the easy classes and easy women. He got an A in the class and found me! 2 for 2.

Where did you go on your first date? We hung out for about 5 months before he realized we were dating. You see, as I've tried to explain to my friends in the past, I was not his type. He loved petite, well mannered, high maintenance and overall refined girls. He was actually in a relationship when we met and would call me to go have fun after he'd finish making out with his hot chick. I asked him to come with me to SLC for a school project and on the drive home, I made him listen to Duncan Sheik's Shadows of Ourselves about 5 times in a row. Not only did it scare the piss out of him it took him about 3 more months to kiss me. I still don't get it with all I had going on at the time. Could you resist?

How long have you been together? Well, from the time we kissed, which I consider the point of no return, 10 1/2 years.

Who eats more? Definitely me these days. He's the kinda a person that finds satisfaction in starvation and self control. I'm the kind that finds it in quesadillas and licking the butter dish.

Who said I love you first? He did. And the best part was how shocked he looked after he said it. It was after an all night talking session and right as the sun was coming up and before his dad came downstairs to eat cereal in his underwear, he let it loose. Still one of my favorite moments in our relationship.

Who's taller? To my mother's dismay, it's me when I'm in my usual heels. But when we're both in flip flops, he's got me by an inch and a half. I'm his favorite big girl. :)

Who sing's better? Me but he does have a killer falsetto.

Who's smarter? We're divided. I've got more schooling but I think he's one of the smartest people I know. However, he'll fight to have me on his team when playing any game because he knows I'm the quickest vat of useless knowledge on the block (besides maybe Cory or Dave).
Who does the laundry? Me
Who does the dishes? Me
Who cooks dinner? Me.............I see a trend here. wtf?
Who pays the bills? Me, unless he want to avoid credit dings or unexpected service suspensions on our rentals. oops
Who is more stubborn? Him. Mostly because he's never wrong. hee hee

Who's got bigger boobs? Me
Who's getting sick of filling this out? Me


Tiff G. said...

You freakin' kill me! I'm still laughing...

Cory, Jenna and Calvin Broadbent said...

Love love love you. Love the cable-knit sweater. Love the butter dish comment. Love Monday and Thursday.

Kat said...

So glad you posted some old pics! Fun to read about your history and remember random bits and pieces from different conversations :) You make me laugh

Fairchild Family said...

I am pretty sure that senior photo is a Realife CLASSIC! Got to love the "tree leaners." I do have one of those myself! Its hot!

Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

Weird how I came across your myspace page AND your blog page all in the same week. Way to throw your senior pic in the post.

~The Donald

ArizonaLewis said...

Most definitely a Realife photo. Was there any other option in my book? I also have some sweet sitting in the grass with one knee up poses. Keepin' it sexy I guess.

McCain Family said...

I can say this because I am your brother, but that is the worst picture I have ever seen of you! It is comparable to your 7th grade picture with your mile high bangs. Or the time that you were getting ready for prom and as you walked out the door I asked if you were going to do your hair or not! oops...