Sunday, January 23, 2011

-another list.

photos by jose de amazingness

things to remember about this great arizona lewis week:
-i got to sit in my favorite chair on the back patio everyday at 1:30pm to watch the boys play. no clothes required.
-a hike on south mountain early enough and just the amount of difficulty to make me feel like an achiever.
-brooks whispered to me while watching Megamind in the theater that the movie "touched his heart".
-the boys found the ultimate insult: eyeball dumpling
-the boys found the funniest thing to say: super underwear
-ade slept through a walk in the stroller, a transfer to the car, a trip to pick up brooks from pre school and a transfer to his bed. (can you imagine being so many places and not knowing it?)
-jonelle's birthday lunch at the Herb Box in scottsdale with butternut squash enchiladas, a gf chocolate lump of something and lots of rocks to throw in the canal.
-found a lost gift card to wildflower bakery giving us a reason for brunch. table for 4 + 1 light sabor.
-woke up every morning to a bed full of heavy breathing, semi sick lewis boys.
-saw the guinea pig asleep for the first time ever and was SO relieved that it wasn't dead when i yelled "You Better Not Be Dead!" into its face- startling that velvet potato.
-sitting here blogging to the regina spektor station on pandora.
-3 great meetings in church where i actually learned something in each one.
-was told by brooks that he loves my new hair (blunt bangs) because i look like his best friend hannah. (a 4 year old in his class. with blunt bangs. why do i keep doing this to myself?)
-4 photo edits of interesting people living beautiful lives.
-bought the boys tiny baskets full of eraser puppies and giant glass marbles from smeeks.
-bought myself gumballs and clark bars from smeeks.
-lots of day dreaming and random late night pillow talk with lew.
-felt the sense that everything is going to be alright.


Robyn said...

Fantastic pictures. Just thought you should know, Regina Spektor came on right as I started reading your blog. Thanks for letting me stalk you, I love it all :)

LuLu said...

That sounds like a spectacular week! This makes me feel like I might be a robot Mom 98% of the time. I really need to pay more attention so I can make a spectacular lew list too!

ArizonaLewis said...

robyn- i love stalking you too. your latest winter pictures are breath taking. let's trade services next time we're in town. i'll take yours if you take mine?

lu- only 98% of the time? i thought you were 100% robot. no really human is that beautiful and organized. maybe that 2% gives you the ability to laugh at all of my 14 year old jokes. xox