Sunday, January 2, 2011


photo by jose de orta
photo by jose de orta
look how focused i am on the job.

photo by ahc (giggle)
best day ever.
i had a photo shoot with jose in bumble bee and audrey decided to pick me up so we could spend the last day of 2010 in a car with music, poetry and a disgusting amount of oooohing and ahhhhhhhhing at the scenery. we ended up in snowy jerome with burgers and beverages.

near the end of the day, after being in the car for nearly 4 hours, we reached our exit ramp for tempe and i asked her in all seriousness if we could just keep driving to tucson.
"we'd get so busted by our husbands"
"for what?"
"not spending new year's eve with them"
"you're right"
"maybe we have to do this lots?"

man- i wish i had a playlist.
audrey is a musical jedi.
maybe she'll be nice enough to post a comment with some of the songs and artists.
i know there was some kid cudi, weepies and a song about getting your titties off my things.


ahc said...

jerome playlist:
kid cudi "marajuana"
kid cudi "mr rager"
dragonette "my things"
robyn "none of dem"
rihanna & nicki minaj "raining men"
weepies "gotta have you"
weepies "world spins madly on"
jay z/linkin park "99 problems/points of authority"
jay z/linkin park "dirt of your shoulder/lying from you"
black glove ( "hot intergalactic sierra"
damien rice "volcano"
imogen heap "goodnight & go"
jonsi "sinking friendships"

ArizonaLewis said...

arigato. domo domo.