Thursday, January 6, 2011

-the apple didn't fall far!!

i took piano lessons from ages 5-16.
and i hated it.
i really didn't mind playing i just HATED practicing.
who doesn't?
(besides my super talented older sister?)
my mom would laugh because every time i'd sit on the bench, i'd get a super pouty and disgusted look on my face.
she called it the "piano face".
i'd pull the piano face whenever i had that same piano practice feeling of misery.
-at Fabricland
-waking up for the paper route
-doing math homework
-eating scrambled eggs
-eating oatmeal
-eating cornbeef hash
-pitting cherries
-mowing the lawn
-collecting for the paper route
-making my bed
-cleaning the kid's bathroom

and so here we are now- decades later- and i'm finally seeing a trait i've passed on to my first born. brooks looks and acts exactly like brandon but with one banana french toast protest experience from this week- i can now see that he's got a little mccain blood in him too.

nailed it!


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Banana French toast vets that reaction? Don't you throw a lot crazier stuff at him? Ps -no one likes to practice, I've learned it is a fact of life.

Sara said...

That is some wicked piano face.

I made that face while in my final semester of college and on the phone with my mom because she was making me take Intro to Daoism so I could get the freaking minor in religious studies.

How my mom made me do that 100 miles away is still beyond me.

But I had some serious piano face.

ahc said...

lessons from 5-16
we are sooooooooooooooooo twins.
holy brooks, i love that face.
i think i've seen you make that face when you have to do

Carl said...

So amazing! I think we all had that face when we did anything with the paper route. Our poor neighbors were probably all super excited about Aaron as the paperboy but little did they know that each time the route got passed down another level, the service just got worse and worse. By the time Dave got the route, I'm pretty sure he would just throw it through people's front windows on rainy days. I think we still have a neighbor that owes me about $175. The day I cash that in will be great.

LuLu said...

Is that what it's called??? Sasha is the master of this face and she doesn't even play piano!

Soilsqueezer said...

I wasn't exactly sure what you were talking about until I saw the pictures. Then it all came flooding back and I had to laugh (out loud even)

Kerri said...

I feel Brooks' pain. Anything involving bananas would give me that face.

PS I'd like to see some velvet potato tea party pics. I'm sure they've given you enough material for a novel by now :)