Monday, January 24, 2011

-i heart my type 1 diabetic

this is such a weird holiday to decorate for.
the boys and i spent an afternoon making valentines and filling dishes with candy.
my brother walked in yesterday and said this about the front room's festive decor:

"whoa- who's having a seance in here?"

i got all defensive and told him the glowing brothel balls were cute hearts and the red glass whore candles were raspberry cheesecake scented.
but he's right.
i'm just a wall of velvety damask wallpaper and a pervy barry white album away from turning this home into satan's champagne room.
and for that reason- i'm not posting a picture of the whole ensemble.
just an innocent cupid serenading a goldfinch and some cliche tissue pom poms i made by following a martha steward tutorial.

and why do i do it?
because this is the season of love.
and these are the men i'm flinging it at:

seriously- i love that man in the very center from the bottom of my fuzzy handcuffs and chocolate coated strawberries heart.

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MaryPosa said...

Ha ha, I love this. I'm not much of a decorator, but I won't be able to go into a decked-out for Valentines house without thinking "brothel" now. And i'm stoked about that.