Sunday, January 16, 2011

-i'm just looking at your ear lobe.

when people say they're a "people person" i've always wondered what that meant to them. in their brain you know.
because i feel that i am a "people person".
but not the job interviewy way.
not in the "sure i love everyone and have to be surrounded by people at all times" way.
i used to think that's what it meant.
now i feel it's more of "i'm genuinely curious about the things in your brain that motivate you to be you" thing.
i could sit and watch people all day. any one. it all took an interesting turn when i received a chinese face reader book a couple of years ago. i never put that thing down. it sits on my bathroom counter right next to my mirror so i can research the meaning of new wrinkles and over night freckles. i'm practicing my new skills on strangers everyday. every single day. i have actually asked people in the middle of a totally casual conversation how close they are to overcoming their father issues after noticing the placement of a line between their eyebrows. totally inappropriate i'm sure but sometimes i can't freaking contain myself.
anyways- photography has helped my further my love for looking at people.
staring at them actually.
this is getting weird.
and the only thing it has to do with the following pictures is that i was invited to take pictures at a party and had a wonderful time. i got to observe a group of people that obviously liked each other. i was the fly on the wall.
so here's a couple of the high lights:
baked brie with brown sugar and pecans.
(seriously. shut up. i ate more than a fly should.)

baby birds cupcakes.

the greatest yellow lab on the planet.

this baby's hair.
(i can't look at this picture without throwing my hands over my mouth and squealing. she's perf.)

my favorite little thumb sucker.

and as long as i'm exposing way too much of my weirdness to the world wide web at 10:18pm here's a couple of shots i found of nick drake this afternoon.
the musician's photographers have the best job.
makes me jealous.
if anyone knows karen o. tell her there's a face reading "people person" dying to take her pictures.

the end.
what just happened?


LuLu said...

Oh boy! People who analyze handwriting, body language and facial structure make me nervous. I don't know if we can be friends anymore ;-)

DJCK incorporated said...

I used to think I was a people person and could be the best manager in my industry. Now I find that most of them make me mad. I realize I'm getting old, and more irritable, but I've just come to the conclusion that there is just a surplus of weird folks around and sitting and looking at them does not improve my outlook on humanity. Or maybe I'm just crabby

Wagars said...

I don't think I have ever made the statement that I am a people person. I am highly aware of the fact that I am a person person. I live individual persons, not people as a whole. "People" in groups tend to do disingenuous things such as mock others. However, I love the persons I love. And you are one of the persons I love.

Lucky you.

prettybaby said...

i know two people who claim to be "people persons'" and they REALLY like to be the center of attention amidst crowds, and to me, that is not being a people person, that is being a blasted show off.
this really had nothing to do with what your post was saying, but your post made me question what we label ourselves as and why.

i always say i'm "shy" but i'm not really. it's just a great defense for when i don't feel like being a people person. xx

Sara said...

You had me at "baked brie."