Monday, February 14, 2011

-awkwardly funny and sweet

this was going to be a post about love and husbands and heart shaped pupils.
but i can't stop staring at how weird this pictures is.
look at how much higher my hips are than his- yet he's still taller.
i really don't know how to explain it.
are my legs that much longer?
are my shoes too tall?
are his pants just extra low?
is this what we look like everyday?
am i suppose to laugh this hard on valentine's day?
so many questions.
happy hearts day.

(weird photo by jose de orta)


Shuggilippo said...

Great laugh. Thanks for that.

Can we also get to giggling about how he has his hands on your hips and you could, very easily, be propping him up from beneath the pits with blades. Blades, Lewis! BLADES!

Happy V-Day. (v for vagina)

LuLu said...

You just need to rock those long legs. That's probably why Lew married you in the first place ;-)