Thursday, February 17, 2011


jo and i had this idea to have a mini valentine's day dinner with our #1's.
(they're called the #1's because they're first borns and they're at a much more joyful stage of life).
so the kids got their dinner/play time/opportunity to tick off other well paying customers that would NEVER bring children to this fine establishment at such a late hour/gift exchange/gourmet s'mores.

and jo and i got another opportunity to curl our hair and eat grass fed beef.
breana's ALWAYS shy for the first 20 minutes she's with brooks.
and then she warms up.
he gets all hyper and loves showing off because she literally laughs at everything he does and says.
and she loves laughing at everything he does and says.
what's that like?....................
it was a great night.
the herb box in scottsdale has the most amazing bathroom.
what's my thing with taking pictures in bathrooms?
i love jo because she's always up for a spur of the moment photo shoot.
and because she's taught her daughter how to be a beautiful friend.


Shuggilippo said...

There's a simpler series to get your feet wet: "Lew in the Lou"


LuLu said...

What is up with these impromptu photo shoots? And how is it possible that you guys always look like super models. Not fair.