Thursday, February 3, 2011

-i got away

it was from a friday 8am- sunday 7pm.
and every single hour was soaked up.
some of the "soaking" included going to bed at 6pm, stalking asian yoga surfers and eating carmel corn for brunch.
thanks jo for being a super muffy hf.

song "lollipop" by mika.
ps- my kids love walking around in public yelling "hey! what's the big idea?"


A and C said...

looks like too much fun. Makes we want to get away too!

Shuggilippo said...

Yep, I'm due for a getaway.

What a blast!

Can this comment be anymore generic?!

Wow, you are so much fun. Know what else is fun? Gucci purses. ::gag::

audrey lasalle said...

so happy for you two:)