Wednesday, February 23, 2011

-snip snip bark

brandon's such a control freak sometimes.
he wanted to cut the boys hair this round but wanted me to stand next to him the entire time and tell him where to make each cut. i explained that i have NO idea how to cut hair which is why i pay people to do it. apparently, that wasn't a very nice thing to say. i didn't take a picture of the final product because i got too bored and pretended to have a headache so i could go to bed and read a magazine.

so besides that fun event, here's some other happenings that i pray i NEVER forget:
1. brooks woke up in the middle of his sleep and said "dad, i'm brushing the alligator's teeth". and then fell back over zonked out.
2. while eating breakfast with ade at our usual whole food's buffet he randomly yelled towards the outside window "knock it off!!" i asked him what that was all about and he said the sun was in his eyes and he wanted it to stop. my 2 year old just yelled at the sun.
3. i was having a rough night of sleep and some how, both boys found me on the couch at 3am. it was a battle of egg beater legs and static hair to try to find our own niches. once we were finally settled, i opened my eyes and found brooks staring at me with a harmonica in his mouth. i said "go to sleep please". he played a short G note and then nodded off.
4. i figured out the genius feature on my ipod and ran in the mountains like a wild goat to tunes all centered around the YYY's Gold Lion".
5. i'm pretty sure i'm allergic to gluten.
6. the boys loved the drinking episode of glee.
7. i got super lucky at last chance (super fast girl clapping with a toothy smile)
8. and my hair is still growing...................


A and C said...

thanks for the chuckle this morning.!

Wagars said...

I whip my hair back and forth.
I whip my hair back and forth.
- willow

Jess said...

I think there's something we're missing in our relationship. Our mutual affection for Last Chance has gone by the wayside. HowEVER did we miss this?!

Also? Knock it off!