Saturday, October 10, 2009


3! 3! 3!
come on over.
bring your wild children.
i will fuel the fire with hot dogs, cupcakes and goody bags full of crack.
may the halls of our home be filled with the sounds of screaming wild monkeys and whining tipsy toddlers.
i love a good party.

and now we've discovered that 3 is the age where babies refuse to smile for the camera:

not even when they're forced and smooched:

randoms: (so sorry if you were left out! i was more focused on the tubed meat than the camera).

we love you brooksy.
we love your new vocabulary ("awesome!" and "come' er a seck").
we love your booty shaking.
we love your shaggy hair that you now shake out of your eyes.
we love your baby voice with ade.
we love your shy embarrassed face.
we love the way you dominate our bed during the night.
we love your fat big toes and dirty hands.
we love the little boy you are.


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Happy Happy Birthday - I can't believe it's been 3 years already! WOW! We love you and wish we knew you better.

brian and thera tolman said...

Happy Birthday Brooks! They grow up so fast! I so love your fab necklace

Sara said...

That birthday party looks way cooler than most of the ones I had and/or attended.

Man, I miss being 3. Okay, I don't remember it per se, but I'll bet it was fantastic.

Priscilla said...

Brooks has more friends than I do! Best party ever Brooksy! Thanks for the invite! Next year, we'll buy you a quad!