Monday, October 5, 2009

-and i do my little turn on the catwalk

yes- another night out in full drag make up.
jo and i think we're quite the socialites.
never mind the fact that we sit across from each other at dinner and spend the whole time texting the baby sitters and anchored dads and then look up every once in awhile to nod and encourage the other's conversation with "mmm hmm" or "she really said that?"
it's really the perfect evening.
this week we tried on phoenix's fashion week (held in scottsdale btw?)

the crowd was all over the place with pregnant teens in prom dresses and handsome barrett jackson scented silver haired tycoons sitting all together front row. i love a good mish mash.
we really just went to watch dave do his thing.
and not be home in sweats making out with the tivo.

and look who we found doing hair.
and bossing everyone around.
because he's always in charge.
because he's the best.

and when you say
"how does a stay at home mom manage 2 late nights in a row and have the energy to get up with the kids each day?"
tah dah:....................................................

for more super over edited pictures- go here.


Priscilla said...

Heather...I love you! You make me want to BE that Diet Pepsi! Is that lesbianish?

boots said...

HAHA so awesome- your brother is a stone cold fox! HAHA.

Anonymous said...

you so fab. if i was a stay at home mom i would want to be as trendy as you.

Sara said...

You're a beast. You're so damn fierce, Pepsi or no Pepsi.

McCain Family said...

It really is fun to see Dave actually doing his thing. Your pictures look great!

Tiff G. said...

I loved your dinner conversation, or lack of...texting the sitters and the hubbies. So funny, so true! Everybody looked amazing! Looked like so much fun.