Thursday, October 22, 2009

-vroom vroooom

i suck at a lot of things.
-cooking rice
-listening to people talk about their dreams from the night before
-being quiet

however- i really don't suck when it comes to overloading myself with things to do.
monday is my first high fashion shoot. we've got models, a sweet location, assistants and even a meat and cheese platter.
it's freaking me out a bit.
wanna know what makes me feel less stressed about my upcoming portfolio dreamcicle?
maybe the MILLION things i have going on between now and then:
-out of town guests
-a trip to the city of owl
-an "industry" party
-a newborn photo shoot
-the primary program
-moving a little brother
-oh yes, and the proper care and feeding of 2 very cranky/borderline sick babies

if, come monday evening, i'm laying face down in my closet whispering the lyrics of wilson phillips and begging to crawl back into my mother's womb- just stick the bendy end of the straw attached to a diet coke into my mouth and tell me i'm living my dream.
and then pry the nikon out of my hand and set it on fire.
she's taken over my life.
bring it on.

here's a preview of the shoot:
(now picture a model- with hair and makeup done by dolce and a fierce designer dress)
((is this really happening?!))


boots said...

congrats lady! you are gonna do so great! your a super mom!

Brooke said...

Amazing... congratulations!

Anonymous said...

you effing rock! i am excited for you!

McCain Family said...

You ARE living your dream!! How cool.
But I am sorry that the boys are cranky/borderline sick. That equals no fun.

P.S. I got 2 packages from you today but Carl says I'm not allowed to open them. What are they? :) You can tell me, OR give me permission to open them anyway.....:):)

Just a thought!

Sara said...

A meat AND cheese platter??? You're so fancy!!

brian and thera tolman said...

It's going to be such a great shoot and you are going to do amazing. You're Heather freakin Lewis!
Besides, Pris is incapable of looking anything but amazing. I can't wait to see the pics! Good luck!