Wednesday, October 14, 2009

-did that all really happen?

so- here's to being spontaneous and inviting myself to "the cabin". (thumb down- tongue out).
our 3 day planned trip was cut immediately to a 23 hour stint when we realized within the first 15 minutes of pulling up to the retreat in the pines:
1. there were 4 traveling cat cages on the porch
2. grandma didn't want us to use water, electricity or outside voices
3. garbage was to be sprinkled around the forest for the visiting javelina
4. our boys still threw tantrums, had diarrhea and were not going to leave the break-neck steep staircase alone.

and despite the night of sleeping with a toddler and his egg-beater like legs and mouths full of cat hair, tuesday into wednesday did have some grrrrreat moments. (here's another list. it's so much fun to count and read simultaneously).

1. my boys learned how to play like a hubbard. they were in the dirt, eating rocks and learning all about helmets and throttles. colton was explaining the smell of exhaust to brooks. brooks seemed too interested.
what have we started.

2. it was fall. the leaves were changing colors in prescott. it was worth the 48 hours of hardcore preparation to give my children 15 minutes of autumn foliage viewing pleasure. i think.

3. i could go anywhere with priscilla. and after this trip, i know we would have fun. especially if she wore her lesbian shoes and pulled a trailer full of motor cross splendor and ate only diet pepsi for dinner. she's the best boyfriend i've ever had.
4. brooks can rock a pair of skinny jeans.
oh. my. gooooooodness.
i love a tight diapered butt.

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Priscilla said...

Whether you like it or not, You've officially just become family. Do you have any pedialyte I can borrow?

Sara said...

That looks like straight up, wacky fun for the whole family. All kids need to get up in some foliage once in a while.

Anonymous said...

fun fun, i am planning my vaca as we speak! skiing in VT! cant wait!

Steve and Shell said...

Oh my do I love brooks' skinny jeans! Ah-mazing!!

Tiff G. said...

did you at least bring home one of the cats??? Welcome back!